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EnvoyGolf presents to the Swedish Greenkeepers Association Conference.

We were delighted to be invited to join the recent Teams based conference of the Swedish Greenkeepers Association, (SGA) facilitated by SGA CEO, Göran Tyrsing. Mark Matehaere was asked to present on the Summer Seasonal Program involving bringing young Swedish and other Northern hemisphere-based greenkeepers down to work on Australian golf courses over the growing season, this year. He was kindly hosted and joined at Spring Valley Golf Club by Superintendent Craig Anthony and the two young Swedes, Johan Norman and Pontus Frojd, he has been working with him this summer as part of the EnvoyGolf Program.

Joining Göran online, in Sweden were 150 plus SGA members. Mark covered how the Program had operated post border restrictions this summer and Craig about participating as a golf club superintendent and then Pontus and Johan were quizzed by Göran and other SGA members, about their experience as participant greenkeepers. While that part of the conversation started off in English, it quickly moved to Swedish. They were both smiling and laughing, so hopefully it was a positive reaction to the program and their work and stay at Spring Valley and in Australia, because Mark and Craig were none the wiser!

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