''Connecting skills with needs for Golf Clubs''



Picture taken by candidate: Augustine Parini, Eastlakes GC

What we do

EnvoyGolf connects skills with needs for golf clubs.  This is through the course staff domestic and cross border program and more recently, the executive placement program.


EnvoyGolf course staff

The EnvoyGolf service for course staff creates the opportunity for personal development and global experience for candidates.

The inbound program gives candidates the opportunity to work in their chosen career, enhance their greenkeeping knowledge on some of the greatest golf clubs in the world and enjoy the Australian lifestyle.

The outbound program for Australian greenkeepers allows them to gain knowledge working at clubs overseas while experiencing the culture and diversity of what those countries have to offer. It will enhance their skill set and build their career profile and confidence. 

EnvoyGolf’s services focus on making the candidates journey as seamless as possible including assistance in job search as well as essential services such as travel, accommodation, insurances, superannuation, telcos, transportation, banking etc.


Executive Placement

This capability assists clubs with the appointment of their key executive positions, from CEO/General Manager down through all department heads. With over 30 years of experience in executive recruitment, EnvoyGolf Founder Mark Matehaere has successfully appointed these roles for some of Australia's leading golf clubs.

A snapshot of Our Journey 

In 2019, EnvoyGolf recognised the staffing issues facing Australian golf clubs and began working towards a solution. Through developing a placement program that supports both golf clubs and greenkeeping staff, EnvoyGolf was born.


In October 2019, EnvoyGolf began recruiting experienced greenkeepers from Sweden and Norway to work as summer casuals at golf clubs across three states in Australia.


In the summer of 2020/2021 amongst the Covid pandemic, we focused our efforts on the domestic market, placing several green staff to assist golf clubs across four states and territories.


In April 2021 we launched our senior executive appointments capability. In this short time, we have already been privileged to become a trusted name with some of Australia's top golf clubs, including Avondale and The Australian Golf Clubs in Sydney and Victoria Golf Club in Melbourne.


Looking to the future, when international travel becomes possible, our operations will expand globally once again. EnvoyGolf will recruit and assist experienced greenkeepers and golf industry professionals from the northern hemisphere into Australia and New Zealand. Further, we look forward to helping our domestic staff experience working in the northern hemisphere during the northern summers, building skills and lifelong experience for their return.