Golf is a game 

enjoyed around the world and never more so than during this global pandemic.

EnvoyGolf was created to assist those working in the industry to access international roles and provide golf clubs access to international talent.

Last summer in our inaugural season we recruited a number of experienced Scandinavian and mostly Swedish greens staff to assist clubs in Sydney, Brisbane, King Island and country NSW, through the growing season.

This 20/21 season our plan was to expand on that pilot programme in scale. Feedback from those participants who came out and Superintendents who employed them was positive.

Even as the pandemic unfolded we were confident that restrictions would have eased by the Oct/Nov window to allow them to enter the country. With second wave outbreaks and international travel effectively banned until mid 2021 at the earliest that opportunity disappeared.

Golf clubs here still need additional staff to deal with the higher workload brought on by the growing season and EnvoyGolf is looking to the local market to assist.

With Covid-19 related border restrictions bringing in international greens staff for this season is now highly unlikely, but things do move quickly with this pandemic, so you can never say never. 


We will keep you posted on any further developments here.


As a result, we still encourage anyone interested in coming over to Australia or New Zealand this year to fill out the application form on this site, enabling us to move quickly in the event that international travel resumes.

At the same time, we are sourcing domestic candidates to connect them with golf clubs still requiring additional staff for the summer. We are targeting University students who's holidays largely coincide with golf club requirements.


This is nothing new as a number of clubs have accessed students in prior season, we will just be looking to make is a lot easier to connect the two. 



In recruiting experienced young Scandinavian greens staff for golf clubs here, EnvoyGolf' was solving two key and complementary problems.

The first was the seasonal challenge Australian golf clubs have in securing the additional course maintenance staff required to handle the increased workload of the growing season. Particular so, if looking for anyone with prior experience. 

The second is experienced greens staff at golf clubs in the most northern parts of the northern hemisphere being unemployed when their clubs are closed and under snow for much of the corresponding period. 

EnvoyGolf solved these two problems by matching up countries with counter-cycle seasons, such as Australia and the Nordic countries, by connecting experienced greens staff and other golf industry specialists with golf clubs in need of additional staff for the summer.



We connect experienced greens professionals from various countries with Australian golf course superintendents in need of additional staff for the high season. This year, also offering local options.


'EnvoyGolf are pioneering the solution to a problem faced by most golf clubs in Australia - a shortage of seasonal course staff during the summer growing season. Congratulations to Mark and his team for facilitating this solution to a gap in our labour needs and making it an easy process.'

David Burton 

General Manager, New South Wales Golf Club

'Last year I employed two guys out of Sweden, and they were the best two summer interns we have ever had.' 


'Access to a supply of experienced greens staff I don't have to track down will save me a lot of time. And these are people who are here to work and enjoy a Sydney Summer.'

Phil Beal 

Course Superintendent, The Australian Golf Club

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