Terms and Conditions 

Envoy Group Pty Ltd, trading as EnvoyGolf

Terms and Conditions

1.Nature of Engagement

1.1. EnvoyGolf connects skills with needs in the golf industry. We assist golf clubs and other industry entities (Employers) to solve skills gaps from the most senior leadership roles to base load casual staff across course maintenance, golf operations, F&B and administration. These may be permanent roles, or temporary/seasonal and full time or part time, dependent on the needs. These needs are solved through sourcing Candidates through targeted recruitment exercises, to fill a specific role or roles in a retained agreement with a particular Employer or Employers, or through providing Employer’s access to a database of screened and pre-qualified Candidates seeking short term or longer-term employment opportunities within the golf industry. 


1.2. In consideration of successfully placing a Candidate or Candidates with an Employer, the Employer agrees to pay a fee. This may be a permanent placement fee invoiced in stages if a retained agreement, or at Offer and Acceptance for a referral placement. It may also be a subscription fee invoiced monthly or as otherwise agreed during the term of the temporary/seasonal employment by the Employer. There will also be a Permanent Placement fee should a candidate who is employed on a temporary/seasonal basis, be offered a permanent role by the Employer. The fee levels for all of these transactions or engagements are set out in the Fees Schedule provided from time to time to Employers.

1.3. The Fees Schedule forms part of the Agreement to which these Terms and Conditions relate and is provided to Employers who are working with or considering working with EnvoyGolf.

2.Invoicing and payment terms

2.1. Invoices will be issued monthly in advance for all monthly subscription fees payable under this Agreement.

2.2. Invoices for retained assignments, will be invoiced in accordance with the Terms agreed for specific assignments but would generally be invoiced in three equal stages at commencement, short list presentation and offer and acceptance with a preferred Candidate.

2.3. Invoices for other Permanent Placements would be invoiced in full at Offer and Acceptance with a preferred Candidate.

2.4. Invoices are payable within 14 days of issue.

3.Guarantee for Placements

3.1   If a Permanent Placement fee has been paid in respect of a Candidate employed under this Agreement and for any reason (other than restructure or business rationalisation) within a three-month period of commencement, if that Candidate ceases permanent employment, then EnvoyGolf will undertake to replace the candidate on the basis they are given a month exclusively to do this. If EnvoyGolf is unable to successfully replace the Candidate, then a credit for 75% of the fee may be applied towards any future Permanent Placement Fee payable by the Employer in respect of any other relevant Permanent placement.

This guarantee shall not apply if EnvoyGolf has not been advised of the termination within 7 days; or the Employer has not paid the appropriate fees in accordance with the above payment terms.

3.2.  If a Candidate employed on a monthly subscription fee basis, terminates employment for any reason (other than restructure or business rationalisation) during the first half of that monthly period, which has already   been invoiced, EnvoyGolf will refund that proportion of the month served or adjust any ongoing invoicing to reflect this.


4. Confidentiality

4.1.  All the information we provide to you is Confidential, unless it is generally available or in the public domain. You may not reproduce or disclose the information or use it for any purpose that we might not reasonably intend. In particular, you shall comply with the provisions of the Australian Privacy Act in respect to any Personal Information we provide to you.

4.2.  We shall treat as Confidential all the information you provide to us, unless it is generally available or in the public domain.

4.3. For more information on how we process information, please see our Privacy Policy on the EnvoyGolf website.

5. General

5.1.  We may invoice Employers for prior agreed costs, including travel costs and associated costs incurred by us or our Candidates during the recruitment process, but no such costs will be incurred without Employer approval.

5.2.  Employment referees are sought for all Candidates and written references are sought and may be provided as part of the supporting materials along with resumes and video profiles. EnvoyGolf may take verbal references as requested for retained assignments and as agreed for other senior appointments but contact details for referees can be made available with a Candidate's permission should the Employer wish to take a verbal reference directly. Detailed background checks are advisable for senior level appointments, but only arranged with Employer approval and will be charged in addition to our placement fees.

5.3. Our fees are quoted exclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST). Where GST is payable on the supply of our services, our invoice will be increased by the amount of the GST and will be payable by Employers.

5.4. Employers will upon employment of any Candidate, permanent or on a temporary/seasonal basis, assume all obligations, risks and duties relating to such Candidates. Employers warrant that they will at all times keep and maintain all relevant workers compensation and public liability policies of insurance which a prudent employer would maintain in the relevant circumstances. The Employer assumes sole responsibility for all relevant Work, Health and Safety (WHS) obligations and indemnifies EnvoyGolf from and against any claim of any nature whatsoever arising out of the employment of any Candidate by the Employer.

6. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

6.1. These terms will be deemed to have been accepted by an Employer and an Agreement which incorporates these terms and any relevant Schedule will be deemed to have been established, by either: accepting an  EnvoyGolf offer, by interviewing, employing or engaging any Candidate, or opening or disseminating the resume or other information provided to you on the Candidate. These terms also appear at  www.envoygolf.com.

6.2. These terms may be varied in writing by EnvoyGolf from time to time. Such variations shall apply to all future placements of Candidates which occur after the date that such new terms are either notified to the Employer or are posted at www.envoygolf.com.

6.3. Acceptance of these terms or any form of notification for the purpose of these terms, may be affected by any means lawfully available in the state of NSW, including but not limited to any relevant form of electronic communication.