How does the recruitment process start?

The whole recruitment process has been made as simple as possible for all parties. To express an interest, candidates can simply email us their resumes, whereas clubs can simply email or call us and provide us with some initial information on how many summer casuals they have a need for and for how long. We will then put the suitable candidates forward for the available roles at clubs and organise interviews. 


What are the costs for participating clubs? 

The only costs for clubs are the introduction fee that EnvoyGolf charges, and the salary the club will be paying their new summer casual. The introduction fee for one placement during this pilot is between $2500 and $3500 plus GST, depending on the period of time they are with you. If you hire two candidates, the second fee is discounted. For full details, we will send you our Terms and Conditions at the very beginning of our co-operation. Regarding your new employee’s pay, the candidate would go onto your books at a rate that reflects their experience and skill set, and in some cases the location of your club.


Will I have to sponsor the staff members I hire through EnvoyGolf?

No sponsorship is required. All our candidates come into Australia on the Working Holiday Visa 417 or 462, which allows them to work in Australia and stay for up to a year.   

How long can I have them for?

Our candidates can work for one employer for a maximum of six months, as stipulated by the Working Holiday Visa. If they want to keep working for you after this, and you would like to have them for longer, sponsorship will be required. In this case there will be an additional fee of $3500 and we can recommend a migration agent.


Who pays for their visa and flights?

The summer casuals will pay for their visa and flights themselves, the only costs for clubs are the ones mentioned above. They are also responsible for their own accommodation, unless your club has the opportunity of offering them this.


How do I know your candidates are good?

All our candidates are sourced through the official greenkeeping associations of their respective countries, and come with recommendations from their home clubs, as well as contact details for their references. Despite their young age, all our candidates have several years of experience and have operated all the major machinery used on golf courses. In addition, only the more adventurous greenkeepers who are confident in their skill set will be the ones making the journey to the other side of the world.


Am I guaranteed a job through you?

While we do our best to find a suitable placement for all our candidates, we cannot at this stage guarantee that everyone will be offered a job at an Australian golf club. We provide the interested clubs with profiles of suitable candidates, and the final decision is ultimately theirs. However, we have received positive feedback even from clubs that are not hiring through us this year, suggesting that in the future there will be more and more opportunities for our candidates.


When will I know if I will get a job?

There is no particular date when you will find out whether you will be getting a job for the Australian summer season. We are constantly contacting new clubs and making new connections in order to better your chances of getting a job but there are many variables in the process. Some clubs already have their summer casuals sorted, some don’t have the capacity to hire new staff, and some need a longer time to get the administrative side of the process sorted.


Do I need a work visa?

Yes, to work in Australia you will need the appropriate visa. For the purpose of a shorter stay such as yours, we recommend the Working Holiday Visa (417 or 462), which allows you to stay in Australia for up to a year, working for one employer for a maximum of six months. The application process for this visa is inexpensive and easy, and you should be granted the visa almost immediately.


Where will I live in Australia?

It is our candidates’ responsibility to find accommodation for themselves for their stay. However, we will provide you with the tools and tips to do so. We recommend that you book some temporary accommodation for when you first arrive; that way you can get to know the area you will be working in and go to showings before committing yourself to long-term accommodation. While it is not expected that the clubs would offer accommodation, some of the more remote clubs may do so.


Will I be able to play golf at the club I am working at?

This depends on the policies of the club you are employed by, but many of the clubs we have asked have answered yes to this question. You may even occasionally be able to play at some of the other courses where we have placed summer casuals. We also plan to organise some tournaments and get-togethers for all the greenkeepers we have placed. 


How much will this cost me?

The recruitment process does not cost our candidates anything, but you will be responsible for paying for your own visa, flights, accommodation and insurance costs. With most of these costs, you can of course compare and choose the best price and option for you.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, it is a requirement of EnvoyGolf that you have travel insurance that covers any possible accidents while you are in Australia, also in the workplace. It is up to you which insurance you go with but if you need help in choosing one, we can provide you with some advice.