SEASON 2019-2020

In October 2019, EnvoyGolf's first international greens staff arrived in Sydney, starting their adventure and bringing to life the concept of EnvoyGolf. After that first placement, EnvoyGolf brought in 16 more greens staff from Sweden and Norway to work at 11 clubs across three states. Thanks to the Superintendents and all those involved at Avondale,  Cape Wickham Links, Ellerston, Killara, Mona Vale, New South Wales, Royal Queensland, Strathfield, Terrey Hills, The Australian and Twin Creeks Golf Clubs. Without their support and confidence in the concept of EnvoyGolf, this pilot would not have become a reality.


Of course, without the young greens staff out of Sweden and Norway, willing to embrace the adventure it would not have been possible either. And this was only achieved with the strong support of the Swedish Greenkeepers Association and their CEO Goran Tyrsing.  

As our photo gallery and testimonials suggest, our first season has been a success. EnvoyGolf has proven that the need for additional crew members on Australian golf courses over the summer growing season can in part be solved by bringing in young and experienced greens staff from Scandinavia, professionals who are keen to be working and living here while their courses back home are closed for winter.  Through the experience of this first season, we have also learnt a great deal about where and how we can improve the experience for both golf clubs and greens staff.

The plan for the 2020-2021 season was to prepare for the recruitment and arrival of our international greens staff hoping that Covid-19 related constraints on international travel will have relaxed sufficiently to allow us to operate. Many clubs, including the ones involved this year, had already expressed their interest in participating in our second season, and our first year's participants are enthusiastic proponents of the experience to colleagues back home. 

However, unless something dramatically improves quickly, the cross border element will not be proceeding this year unfortunately.


We would also of course like to thank all the guys and one girl who not only ventured to the other side of the world to learn new work and life skills, but who also built strong connections with their Australian employers, colleagues and us at EnvoyGolf. What a delight they were to deal with! 


While most participants were closer to 20 than 25, they impressed us with their maturity, calmness and sense of humour which they maintained in the face of the challenges posed by working in a different country and conditions, this year's terrible bush fire season and the impact of Covid-19. 


Ultimately, it is these individuals, along with the Superintendents and golf clubs who were so supportive of the concept, that motivates us to keep the cross border element alive.  It just might need to be in the 2021-2022 season.

Stay tuned!



'The recruitment process was easy and efficient. I selected one Swedish greenkeeper, who arrives promptly every day, ready to work with a positive attitude and solid skill set.

Currently, the golfing industry is thin on staff and being able to secure a summer casual is extremely beneficial for Strathfield Golf Club. I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again for next summer.'


Justin Doyle 

Course Superintendent, Strathfield Golf Club

'From the first day I contacted EnvoyGolf, everything went very smoothly. They helped me settle in and gave me guidance on how to sort all the basic things out. I recommend everyone do this journey, it will help you in the future, language-wise, and give you new friends for life.'

Sebastian Lagerholm

Season 2019-2020 Envoy,

Killara Golf Club

'EnvoyGolf approached me a few months ago with the opportunity to employ some international greenkeepers.


From the interview process to our summer casual’s first day, they have been extremely helpful; always in contact and keeping me in the loop on where everything is at. 


The team member they provided me with is fantastic, well trained, polite and more than competent with any task and has fit in seamlessly to the team in the toughest part of the season. I will definitely hire more international greenkeepers moving into the future.'


Sam Neylon 

Course Superintendent, Mona Vale Golf Club

'Thanks to EnvoyGolf I had an amazing experience working on King Island at Cape Wickham Golf Links. The EnvoyGolf team was really helpful with everything. This is highly recommended if you want to work as a greenskeeper in Australia. Lots of thanks to Mark and Anni!'

Aleksander Nodland 

Season 2019-2020 Envoy, 

Cape Wickham Golf Links

SEASON 19-20