Due to the current Covid related travel restrictions in place in Australia and New Zealand, we are currently unable to bring in offshore based candidates as we did last year. 

We still encourage those international greenkeepers interested in working in Australia to fill out the application form, so that we can be in contact swiftly should restrictions be eased.

So this year we are encouraging applications from domestically based candidates and are actively promoting working on a golf course as a job opportunity over the summer.   We are interested in students on summer break, backpackers still in Australia and others interested in working on a golf course. 

The Process


All candidates who register and fill out our application form receive an acknowledgement email.


We advise them of those golf clubs with opportunities that they might want to be considered for. With their permission their information is then sent to the respective golf club and included in that recruitment process.


The clubs consider their information along with other candidates and then select those they want to offer roles to.


They employ the successful individual(s) and we advise all candidates of that outcome and for those unsuccessful, keep them updated on other relevant opportunities as they arise.    


We don't guarantee to secure a role for a candidate nor a candidate for a club, but will do our best to achieve that.