The aim is to provide a recruitment process that is as effortless as possible for all sides involved. By creating a platform on which clubs can advertise their need for staff and candidates can apply for these positions, EnvoyGolf is creating a golf industry specific market place. 

EnvoyGolf works in cooperation with several European  green keepers associations, through which candidates are sourced and vetted. This ensures a higher degree of confidence in the calibre of the candidates, even those with just one or two years of experience. 


This, our second season in 2020-2021, without the ability to bring these international candidates in we are promoting the opportunity to work with golf clubs to candidates based in Australia. While there will be some experienced candidates, most will be likely be University and TAFE students looking for employment over their holiday period.

Our independent platform has simple forms that guide both clubs and candidates through the application and recruitment process. The process starts with clubs posting their available job positions on our website. Candidates can see and apply for these positions by completing two easy steps; first registering as a candidate and then applying for jobs. Candidates can apply for as many jobs as they want once they have registered. 

Once a candidate applies for a job, their information will be forwarded to the club they applied to work at. The club will be provided with all the information the candidate has been asked to supply, allowing Superintendents to make an informed decision on who to interview.

With experienced greens staff this information includes a detailed list of the candidate's industry specific skills, their work and education history, a video of the candidate introducing themselves and a list of all the equipment they have used.


For those without specific greens staff experience, students and others the information will include work history and references and their course of study and more focus will be on the video of them speaking about themselves. 

Club superintendents can then choose who they would like to interview out of the candidates that have expressed their interest in the position. This happens over the phone or via video, or face to face, hopefully leading to a job offer. Once the offer is extended and accepted, the a start date will be arranged and the candidate will be employed directly by the golf club.

Those candidates who applied but were not accepted would receive an email to this effect and asked to continue to apply for other roles posted on the site that are of interest to them.