This page contains information and instructions to help you with the application process. Following these instructions when filling in the various sections of the form, ensures we have all the necessary information required to best present your application to golf clubs looking to hire.


The Process

We advise you of golf clubs that have opportunities you might be interested in. You let us know which opportunities you will apply for and we include you in their recruitment process.  

The clubs select those candidates they want to offer roles and we assist with that process.

Those candidates who have been unsuccessful, are still available to be considered for opportunities at other golf clubs and we will continue to assist in that ongoing process.    


Please include your full name, including all given names and your family name.


For contact purposes both for us at EnvoyGolf and for Superintendents at clubs you are interested to work at, to arrange interviews and send you information. This information is only provided with your permission.


Attaching your work experience will give the superintendents a general understanding of your previous roles and engagement. 


Attaching a short video of yourself will give the clubs and superintendents a better view of you, and in the case of international applicants, your English language skills. You can film it using your mobile phone, laptop or any camera, and it does not need to be longer than a couple of minutes. Make sure you are dressed as you would for an interview and speak clearly. When filming, remember that the same video may be be sent to all the different clubs you might apply to work at.​


What you should include in your video:

  • An introduction of yourself.

  • You speaking of your background and experience in the golf industry and explaining what you like most about your job. Or if you are a domestic candidate who has no previous experience in the industry, explaining why this might be of interest to you and whether you have any other similar experience which could be beneficial in this role.

  • If you are an international applicant, you explaining why you want to come to Australia/New Zealand to work and what you would like to do and learn there.

  • Anything else that you think is relevant such any involvement in golf or other sporting interests.


If you have a letter of recommendation or reference from your current or previous employer, you can attach it in this section.