Casual Greenkeeper

Australia - New Zealand


This role will suit someone who likes the outdoors and physical activity. The work environments can be pretty special, being some of the most beautiful and well maintained urban landscapes you will see and it is your workplace.  While it can start early, it also finishes early, allowing plenty of time to do other things. And then there is the team environment and the opportunity to learn a whole new set of new skills and how to use a lot of expensive and complex equipment. Also, golf clubs are good employers, not for profit, sports clubs, there to serve the recreational needs of the community.

Overall, it can be an attractive ongoing proposition with a number of people introduced to work on a golf course deciding to stay on throughout their studies if a student or to take it up as a profession and obtain the qualifications needed to progress.

So, what does the work of a casual greenkeeper involve?

Golf clubs like to supplement their full time golf course maintenance crews with casual greenkeepers from time to time because of additional workloads. That can be seasonal, such as through the summer or growing season months when the grass and everything else grows much faster and requires more maintenance, mowing, weeding and the like. This takes more time, requiring more people. Or there could be a particular project or upgrade work which takes up more of the full time crew’s day and they need help with the day to day work.

So your role will be to do that work, which doesn’t require experience, allowing the experienced crew members to handle that work which does. That can be work related to setting up the golf course so it is at its best for golfers to play. This can involve raking bunkers, blowing leaves, clearing on course waste bins, washing down machinery, and other similar work, which you would receive directions on.  This can involve you working in small crews of 2 or 3 or on your own, once you have been shown what to do.

Once comfortable in knowing your way around the golf course and the maintenance facilities, with directions or tasks assigned, you would likely be left to complete those tasks to a work schedule. If you are handling those routine tasks comfortably you will likely be trained to do as many tasks and jobs as you are capable of handling. The more capable you are, the more resilient they can be as a maintenance crew to deal with crew member holidays, sick days and split crews required to be Covid safe. And on that subject, working outdoors for most of the day in the open spaces of a golf course is probably one of the safer workplaces for staying out of Covid’s way!


Working hours?

One thing you might need to adjust to is that the workday starts early. Some golf club crews start from 4.30am in the morning, though most are somewhere between 5.30-6:00am.  However, then it will finish early, from 2-3pm. On days where there are big golf competitions like Saturday, Sunday and one day during the week, usually Wednesday, you work a half day, finishing around 9-10am. If you are working full time, it will be 37-40hrs a week, plus you might be required to work some Saturday or Sunday mornings. Hours, work schedules and requirement and availability of overtime varies from club to club.


Pay and conditions?

You will be paid in accordance with the golf industry award as a minimum but expect $24-$27 an hour plus superannuation, with Saturdays and Sundays being at higher overtime rates, which again can vary from club to club. Clubs will generally provide you with all the work gear and clothing you need and some provide meals on full work days. You are working outside in all weather conditions, which sometimes can be challenging but you won’t be allowed to work in conditions which are unsafe due to storms or heat.

What do I need to bring to do a role like this?

  • Timeliness, in other words turning up regularly on time, day in day out.

  • A good work ethic, attitude and attention to detail, a willingness and ability to learn and taking pride in what you do, whatever that might be.

  • The physical ability to handle manual labour over a prolonged period. Most of the heavy lifting is done with the assistance of equipment, but some things need to be done by hand.

  • A driver’s license, and exclusive access to a car. Unless you live within walking or cycling distance to your place of work you will need a car, as public transport options, with exceptions, are limited at the time you need to start work. You will also be required to drive maintenance vehicles around the golf course.

What do I get in return?

  • Getting to work outdoors in beautiful surroundings and working conditions.

  • Working in safe well regulated environments for reliable employers.

  • The opportunity to gain valuable experience and learn new skills.

  • Good pay and conditions.

The Process

1. Once we have received your application, we advise golf clubs in Australia or New Zealand of your availability and interest in finding work.

2. We then work with you and our golf club clients through the recruitment processes.

3. Golf clubs choose who they wish to recruit.  While we will endeavour to secure all applicants a role, we cannot guarantee this.